Free Slots And Traditional Slots

Traditional Online Slots machines such as the ones that you run into in any land based casino and the free slots games that you play online actually have a lot more in common than you think. Obviously free slots games still follow the traditional online slot machine look and feel (mostly as a nod to tradition more than any functional necessity), but even in its inner workings they are more similar than different.

While traditional online slots machines were typically of the mechanical variety, almost all of them are now controlled by computer software…yes, just like free slots games. Even the lever or the spin button that sets the slots reels in motion are computer driven devices as opposed to the mechanical ones of years past. When these virtual reels “spin”, it is actually a computer that tells them to do so, and that same computer tells them to stop at a randomly selected combination as well. This computer ensures that whatever combination comes up is totally free from any human intervention, and that it is totally fair and impartial. The result is a playing experience that is as safe as it can possibly be.